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Pocatello Group Fitness Classes

Get Your Fitness On

Pocatello Group Fitness Classes

Get Your Fitness On

Class Descriptions for our Group Classes


Spinning is an intense cardiovascular workout based on an indoor bike.  By adjusting the resistance on your bike, you can increase or decrease intensity so this class is perfect for everyone from the beginner to the advanced exercisers. Limited to 22 participants

Rhythm'n Ride

This spinning class takes spinning (above) to the next level by choreographing upper body movements with exhilarating and motivating music. Its so fun you won't even know your exercising! May also use light upper body hand weights and/or bands. Limited to 22 participants.

Spinning Bootcamp

As another option to spinning, this class incorporate movements on and off the bike with lower and upper body strength and interval training. As all spinning class, this class can be individualized to the level of the participant with the bike resistance levels. Limited to 22 participants.

Cross Fusion

Our version of the popular Cross-Fit workout. Never do the same workout twice and work at a pace to race against yourself. In Cross Fusion you will work to improve your own personal best.

Flow Fusion

A cardiovascular challenge, this power yoga based non-impact workout will keep your body in constant motion through a variety of yoga sequencing married with squats, lunges, kicks and compound multi-joint muscular movements. By fusing these separate formats into one, you target and condition the entire body in a whole new way. You will work all components of a well rounded workout routine, flexibility, core strength, cardiovascular and strength.

Muscle Fusion

A barbell based group strength class designed to work each muscle group each and every workout.  Class provides high rep range (100+) while working range of motion at a sub-maximal resistance level.

Muscle Fusion X

Double your calorie burn as this barbell inspired class features multi-muscle resistance training, sports conditioning HIIT and Tabata training...WOW!  Work each muscle group twice and train your body to reach actual failure while encouraging higher fat burn during and after the workout.


35-40 minute cardio workout designed to whip you into shape by using the treadmill and its varying options.  You will walk, jog or run your way up the hill, down the hill, sideways and backward. Never get the same workout twice.  Limited to 8 participants.

Mat Fusion

This mat based class combines the components of both a gentle yoga and Pilates class. Typically structured as 30 minutes of each Yoga,